Obama the liar in chief.

7 Sep

I used to refer to Obama as the divider in chief however now its liar in chief. Last night in his DNC acceptance speach he turned so many words and issue around it will keep fact check busy a while.
Like the issue he said Romney wanted to continue the war in Iraq however Romney is for what McCain and many others were for and that was leaving a small force presence to keep tabs on things. But that would not go along with Obama’s need to make the US take a back seat in the world. After all since his world wind tour in 09. He said the US would take a back seat. That of coarse when he also said we were no longer a Christian Nation but a Muslim Nation.
Divider in Chief or Liar in Chief I guess it makes no difference he showed last night he is still the radical that sat in the pew of Rev Wright’s church for 20 years!


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