Cutbacks and etc.

9 Jan

Cutbacks and etc.,

I was just sitting here thinking about the proposed cutbacks in the military, that the President Elect has just proposed. It is not only, that he is intending to cut back on the military. He has targeted Military and Veteran Benefits. The primary of those benefits, would be, that of Health and Pension. I’m sure, that things like PX, Commissary and/or other facilities, services and access are not far behind.

What is disturbing about this, is that He (The President Elect) Targeted Senior Citizens, with threats of not receiving benefits owed to them, when he was pushing his “Debt Ceiling” Agenda. Yes, he also included the Military Pay and Benefits in his statement.

Admittedly, these are two of the largest entitlement type of expenses, that this society faces, not counting the “Welfare” System. However, the Military and Social Security Systems, were for the most part, the result of physical and financial contributions, that were made by the entitled recipients. Whereas, the Welfare system, is not.

In making these statements/threats, the “President Elect” has made it quite clear, that in his administration’s minds, such and action is an active and viable option, that ranks right up there on his agenda. Something, that the “President Elect” and his cronies, have and are truly intent on promoting. They have no respect for the Citizens, Senior Citizens, “Working Class” or the Military in this Country. They only care about their “Agenda”, whatever it may be. It truly appears to be “Socialism”.

At no time, did I ever hear the “President Elect” ever mention non-payment of benefits to “Welfare” recipients. When, by far, they are the biggest burden on our society, as a entitlement cost. And, they are a non-contributing faction, where most of our social problems and security related cost are created. This is in addition to the cost of supporting this faction, not to mention the corruption and fraud, that permeates this faction. On top of that, our “Elected Officials” seem to think, that we owe and required to support illegal aliens and the rest of the world. And that, also being at the expense of the middle class, working, tax payer.

Personally, I am sick and tired of this type of politics, targeting and mentality. It was more than enough, to be exposed to the gun sites of a foreign enemy’s Government. I sure as hell don’t need it from the “Government”, upon who’s side I was fighting.

And, to have this “Administration” promote “Class Warfare”, an “Entitlement” lifestyle, healthcare and a “Pro-Union” attitude, is extremely disturbing. This Administration has failed, along with previous Government entities, in it’s obligation and commitment to securing our boarders. As well as, giving away our “Constitutional Rights” to those, who do not meet the requirements, or to a “New World Agenda”.

In short, “This Administration” and court system, as well as several of past administrations and courts, have failed miserably to represent the “Citizens” of this country. It appears, that this Administration is always willing to blame, humiliate and apologize for Our Country’s perceived faults. In doing so, only to increase, accelerate and accentuate the problems. And, do so at an alarming rate. The “President Elect”, sure as hell, is real quick to take “ALL” of the credit for any accomplishment, made by others. He takes none of the blame, for the failures. Note, he takes blame for nothing. For fact, that is his major contribution….”NOTHING”!

It is my profound belief, that “Lobbying” should be constrained to “Congressional District Offices” only(a little closer to local scrutiny), and prohibited from the Nation’s Capitol. This way, these “Lobbyist”, would have to venture into the Congressional area, where they may have to face the citizens of that district. These constituents would then have the opportunity to express their views openly, and more directly to that Lobbyist’s venue.

Thus, Our (so called) Representatives, could and would have to spend more time in their districts and less time in Washington, D.C., wasting our time and tax dollars. The constituents would have greater access to these officials. And, we wouldn’t have to maintain the expensive living quarters in the Capitol. Also, There just might be some benefit to breaking up some of the closeness of the “Good Ol’ Boy” network. Anyway, They have already proven, that they don’t know how to work together, for the good of the citizens.

Has Our “Constitution” become just a relic, to be used for display and conversation purposes only?

Tar and Feathers could likely and justly make a comeback.



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